Legitimate Cheating

Legally, swindling on players is regarded as a crime for all licensed casinos. What’s more, if a casino ends up caught defrauding, the consequences might be disastrous and lead to seizing its license or, ultimately, its closure. Therefore, none of the reputable casinos would ever dare to deceive their players.

But every casino has its legitimate way of cheating, so to speak, and it is called the house edge. Namely, the house edge refers to the advantage that a casino has over its gamblers. More precisely, it refers to the difference between the true prospects for winnings and those that a casino eventually pays out to players who have won at a game. That is precisely the reason every game found in Las Vegas casinos has its own advantage.

However, the house edge is considerably small and should not put players off from trying their luck. If going to a land-based casino is sometimes a bother, players have online casinos at their disposal to try out myriads of excellent games. There are many great casinos where you can play online roulette for real money in the USA. Besides roulette, other card and table games, as well as slot machines and video poker, are available to gamblers.

Do Casinos Play Tricks?

Even though it’s forbidden, some casinos are believed to play some little tricks, imperceptible to an inexperienced eye. They allow the gambling venue to earn additional money, besides the profit obtained from the house edge. These are some of the most frequent ones.

Mechanic’s Grip

Slots Mechanic’s Grip

Card games players might be faced with certain tricks referred to as false deals. When distributing cards to the players, the dealer pulls the bottom card or the second-coming top card from their deck. What they used here is a trick called the mechanic’s grip. It got its name after the method of holding a deck of cards. As it is pretty popular and widespread, the chances are that the casino dealers will take advantage of any opportunity to employ it.

False Shuffles

Yet another card trick that implies shuffling the cards falsely, then cutting between them. The purpose is to maintain the cards in a particular order while creating the illusion the deck is being shuffled.

Also, dealers can employ the so-called cold trick, which involves exchanging the original card deck with a prearranged one, thus contributing to the casino.

Preferential Shuffling

This technique refers to shuffling the cards when the gambler has an advantage or is winning the game. For example, if the count goes positive, the dealer shuffles the cards. If it remains or starts going negative, they continue distributing the cards normally.

That is commonly employed in casinos that feature hand-held card games. Primarily, it is used to spot card counters, i.e., players who count cards to gain an advantage at the game. Card counting is frowned upon, and gamblers who employ this technique might get banned from the casino.

Holdout Shoe

The holdout shoe represents a gadget, i.e., a shoe equipped with a mirror that allows the dealer to see the top or the first two cards. That way, they can preserve the top card in its place while delivering the bottom one. Using this technique, the dealer may even give the gambler an untimely bust card, with no one being aware of that.

To tell whether the dealer is employing this cheating method, watch their fingers. If they are using two fingers while distributing cards but only one is moving, this is a positive sign they are cheating.

False Advertising

Online casinos are often associated with this trick as their marketing department employs it to draw numerous players by advertising fake promotions. The typical example is promoting a whopping welcome offer but denying it to a gambler once they register at the casino. That, among others, is the reason always to peruse not only reviews and ratings but also the casino’s terms and conditions prior to registering.

False admvartisment in casino

Mail Scam

Similarly to fake advertisements and promotions, mail scams promise players a significant award if they join the casino. When the player eventually decides to sign up, the award will prove to be nonexistent, or there won’t be anyone responsible for it or for the invitation to the casino. This trick is referred to as bait and switch as well, and it may use various techniques to lure the gamblers.

Controlling the Ball

Numerous films have shown the croupier or gamblers controlling where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Even though it is technically possible to control the landing, it is slightly different than pictured in the films.

Namely, online casinos may use some software to control the socket the ball will hit. Alternately, land-based casinos do not use any software, but they may tamper with the roulette wheel and make it rigged. The purpose, again, is to accumulate more profit.

Different Rules

Another method used by casinos to cheat their players, especially those inexperienced ones, is endorsing some rules that none of the gambling authorities have approved. Namely, the casino or even the dealer themselves invent new rules to boost their income. But this trick can only deceive players who have no experience in gambling or the curious tourists who are not familiar with any rules whatsoever.

Crooked Dice

Craps players may happen to be deceived by playing with crooked dice. The casino may employ dice that have been tampered, particularly their weight. The distribution of the weight restricts the landing of the dice, so they have to land on a particular side. Normally, the dice will land on the side that enables the casino to accumulate more profit.

Crooked Dices


There are far more methods that both the gambling venues and the dealers may employ to deceive gamblers and seize their money, but these are the most frequent ones. Even though all these tricks may seem meager, they have earned casinos considerable profits. Nowadays, however, gambling establishments use procedures that go both in their and the gamblers’ favor. They include official and accepted methods of delivering cards, inspected dice, along with the use of security cameras and face recognition programs.

The ultimate advice is, no matter if you are gambling for fun or to earn some cash, always check the rules the casino abides by. If you are playing at an online casino, check out its reputation and license. By making sure that it is authorized, you will spare yourself not only the opportunity to be deceived but also losing way too much money.


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