Purifying Air by Creating Art


There is now a way to transform air pollution into a form of ink. AIR-INK is a special kind of ink that is made out of polluting particles from the air. Graviky Labs found a way to turn the product of fossil fuel ignition to environmentally-friendly ink. All those particles that end up in our atmosphere due to emissions from factories and vehicles that run on fossil fuel can now be transformed into something useful. The vision of the Graviky Labs company is to ‘capture’ pollution before it reaches our lungs and to turn these dangerous particles into a tool of art. MIT Media Labs student Anirudh Sharma is a person behind this noble concept and revolutionary approach to the pollution issue in urban areas. While others see only hazards in air pollution, Anirudh Sharma saw potential in it!

Ink is generally made from a byproduct of petroleum products combustion called carbon black. However, Anirudh Sharma came to an idea to produce ink out of already existing vehicle exhaust. Why burn new fuels to produce ink, when tons of files is already being burned? This simple, yet the ingenious idea is the core of Graviky Labs philosophy – use the already existing ink production method to purify the air!


The Lab was set up in India back in 2015. Since in India, there are no pollution restrictions as those that exist in the U.S., this country was a perfect setting for testing Anirudh Sharma’s idea. The Lab was able to capture a lot of polluting particles in India easily, and its brilliant idea started coming to life. Soon after, the KAALINK was made! KAALINK is a device that can capture particles from exhaust pipes without influencing a vehicle’s engine performance in any way. The device is able to ‘imprison’ 95% of PM2.5 (atmospheric particulate matter). After the PM2.5 is captured, it is transformed into a liquid matter in Graviky Labs facility. The final result of the entire process is a free-flowing, densely colored black ink. One Graviky Labs’ 30-milliliter pen holds inside 45 minutes of unhealthy diesel pollution.

KAAINK gif on polution

Art and Environmental Awareness Joining Forces

Since the Lab started operating, numerous entrepreneurs got interested in the Lab’s work, and over $29,000 was raised through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Tiger Beer company from Singapore established a partnership with Graviky Labs, and a new chapter of this war on pollution started to unfold. The two companies distribute this environmentally-friendly ink to artists from Berlin, Hong Kong, and London. The artists from these three cities are now able to create various public artworks, mostly murals, with this special ink. AIR-INK found its way to an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Also, AIR-INK markers can now be purchased online.

air ink mural ny

Since 2016, company Graviky Labs cleaned around 1.6 trillion liters of air! The company produced over than 1,200 liters of ink. However, all of these numbers can get a lot bigger with the KAALINK device that can be customized for big applications such as factory smokestacks. If KAALINK would be used in factories, the particles could be captured directly from our air.

We hope that in future Graviky Labs will spread their business to industrial applications and take their air-cleaning methods to the new level.


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