Top 15 Places in America Where You Can See Graffiti Works

graffiti art

Are you looking to see some art? People often think that theaters and galleries are the only things that go under the category of art, but we beg to differ. On the street in urban areas, you have a possibility to see some amazing art pieces which are on the walls. We’ve searched for the best artworks in America to show you, for example, the mural of Marvin Gaye in Washington D.C., or murals in Philadelphia. Now, let’s take a look at other artists work.

San Francisco

Around the 1930s, San Francisco was the first city to invite a famous artist Diego Rivera to paint the city walls. From that point on, S.F. carried on with their traditions of preserving art projects that depict multiculturalism and shows off the diversity of the city. You visit this intriguing city, be sure to check Women’s building from inside and out.


This city is known for its approved street art. In case you went to Chicago, you couldn’t have missed the big sculpture of flamingo. Besides all of this, you might have seen the house of the artist Hector Duarte which is overlaid with massive murals from all sides. We are aware that there are potholes on the roads, but artists in Chicago had a new idea to make them even more visible by doing mosaics around them.

New York City

The influence of street art in NYC is powerful. Discover in the streets different kinds of art, whether you like murals that depict historical figures or some pictures with environmental themes. Street art in Queens is a must-see. Go there if you want for your breath to be taken away. We invite you to run down to Harlem and see Audubon bird project.

Also, it could be worth your while to go to the Bronx and check some of the arts there. We are sure it will bring out the nostalgia in you. If you happened to be passing by Brooklyn, you have had a chance to look at the illustrations of art students.

Los Angeles

Advertised as one of the cities with the top street art, LA prides itself on its artists’ works on the city walls which people can often see in Facebook posts. Across the country, you’ll see murals that will leave you speechless. But that’s not all. At some locations, you can stumble upon amazing mosaics the kind you haven’t seen before.


By the end of the 20th century, Philadelphia’s officials made a decision to put a stop on the graffiti, although they’ve chosen to increase the number of big murals in the city. Interestingly, people who have been previously booked for their graffiti works have afterward been invited to participate in The Mural Art Program. This program shows off hundreds of newly painted murals every year. What’s more, the MAP program offers support for artists who make extensive murals with political inclinations on high building.


In the part of Florida where Miami is located, there are a number of murals which are characterized by luminous colors. They can make quite an impression on you while you stroll down the streets. Don’t let those happy and cheerful colors give you the wrong impression that those murals are there just to look nice. Some are indeed there for their beauty, but the rest of them are there to convey a political message to people who see them for the first time.


Ever since the Lovejoy Columns were lawlessly put on the columns to illuminate an industrial area, the city of Portland has become a hotspot for street art. Throughout the ’90s, the city’s leaders tried to remove these Columns side by side with other forms of art despite the deprecation of townspeople. The publics’ protest resulted in the city’s public art program, which is valid even today and approves street art projects of the local community.

Washington D.C.

When the capital city pops into your mind, the first thing you probably think is museums, statues, politics and everything that goes with it. However, D.C. has a lot more to offer. If you go on a trip to visit this city, make sure to see a metro station on Rhode Island Avenue. As we mentioned in the beginning, check the work of an artist Aniekan Udofia — murals of African Americans in which Marvin Gaye and Duke Ellington are portrayed.


People who have been to Austin couldn’t have missed the city’s peculiar style of the art. We must point out the aberrant highways in this city. We are sure you haven’t seen anything like this before. What’s amazing is that they have a “graffiti park,” where anyone is permitted to try to paint.


Apart from the usual touristic places in urban areas of this city, there is a vivacious community. When you go outside of the center, you’ll see murals which portray the life in Hawaii, and, undoubtedly, we can say that you didn’t see anything like that. There’s a part of the town where you can find many warehouses with murals on their facades.


In recent years the city of Detroit has welcomed many artists and businessmen, and with that, it reduced the areas where nobody lived up until that point. If you come to this city, you’ll be a witness of distinctive works of art. Some have an objective to enrich the history of the town or make an industrial zone a bit more appealing.



Following in Philadelphia’s footsteps, Baltimore has been shifting its attention to murals ever since the ’80s. Repeated project “The Open walls” from 2012 and 2014 highlighted the attractiveness of the North Avenue Cultural District, which prior to these changes needed a bit of artists’ touch. There is a so-called Graffiti Alley, where you’ll have the opportunity to see the best pieces of work.


Even though there are memorable murals in Seattle, the majority of street artworks include wheat pasting, stickers, and stencils. These things represent former defiance against big tech companies whose number has risen in recent years and the lack of creative industry. We highly recommend you to go to Pioneer Square to see something incredible.


So many projects are popping up all around Atlanta. During 2011, the city leaders formed a group with the goal of reducing the amount of street work, and many people showed unity when they decided to make the city more beautiful.


When an artist Shepard Fairey was booked for unauthorized doings in 2009, the local museum had, in the meantime, thrown an exhibition of his famous pieces. After this played along, the city has quite strict practice, and now it is a different story. Atypical works are coming to light all over the city. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Northeastern University, where people who are passing by can be amazed by the graffiti works.


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